Body Science Online with Saleema Noon

A friendly voice of reason above the chatter, Saleema Noon delivers comprehensive, practical, inclusive information to parents and kids of all ages. With her youthful, matter-of-fact delivery, she makes talking about sexual health easy and, most importantly, lots of fun.

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Why Body Science Online?

Parents and other caring adults can watch as many times as they like before sharing with kids. 

Why Body Science Online?

Kids can watch videos alone or with an adult, pressing pause for discussion as they work through the videos. 

Why Body Science Online?

Downloadable resources on all things sexual health that can be kept forever.

"I just finished watching the grade 4-5 and 6-7 workshops with my boys-- and I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for making me feel like a SUPERMOM! [...] Every single video said EXACTLY what I wanted my boys to know, with the lightness, AND seriousness, AND HONESTY that I wanted my boys to know--in a way I couldn't have done!

I love the empowerment, the trust--that they can handle the information, they deserve the truth. I love the respect shown to the kids watching--and the clear expectation that we all respect each other in all things around sex and gender identity. 

I also now feel like the door has been opened wider for my kids to come and talk to me about these things. That is my sincere hope. I feel like your videos gave me some street cred. with my kids on this important stuff! 

Parent, Chilliwack

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